Xamarin.Forms MicroCharts how to add multiple values to Label

2020-02-27 xamarin xamarin.forms xamarin.android xamarin.ios

I'm following the starting code from the GitHub about micro charts with my data I read from API:

    List<Entry> entries = new List<Entry>  
            new Entry(200)  
                Label ="January",  
                ValueLabel = "200"  
            new Entry(400)  
                Color = SKColor.Parse("00BFFF"),  
                Label = "March",  
                ValueLabel = "400"  
            new Entry(-100)  
                Color =  SKColor.Parse("#00CED1"),  
                Label = "Octobar",  
                ValueLabel = "-100"  

Is it possible to add 2-3 values in ValueLabel? I'm trying to make a simulation of bar chart multiple series


Based on my test, I could not add multiple Series via MicroCharts BarChart. You could use OxyPlot.

Follow the code in this link. Bar/Linear chart with multiple entries in Xamarin Forms

Install the OxyPlot.Xamarin.Forms from NuGet Package Manager.

Add the code below to MainActivity.cs


enter image description here

You could download the source from the link below. https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/comment/402658#Comment_402658