Chinese characters are not displayed properly in the web pages of wso2am-analytics-2.6.0

2020-03-24 wso2 wso2-am

I have installed API Manager and APIM Analytics on CentOS 7.6, the version is 2.6.0. I find that Chinese characters are not displayed properly in the pages of the Analyze dropdown menu.

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But the Chinese characters are able to be displayed properly in other pages

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So this problem is focused on "APIM Analytics". I have checked the data in H2 database, I find that the data of H2 is correct, but the returned Json data is not correct.

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I also checked a Shell file /usr/lib64/wso2/wso2am/wso2am-analytics-2.6.0/wso2/worker/bin/, I found that -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 has been configured.

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I doubt whether the data is not encoded in the transmission process. Has anyone met this problem?

--- Additional content (2020/3/25) ---

I just checked deployment.yaml, which is at /usr/lib64/wso2/wso2am/wso2am-analytics-2.6.0/conf/worker. I did not find out any configuration item of character set.

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I also reviewed usage.jag, which is at /usr/lib64/wso2/wso2am/2.6.0/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/store/modules/statistics. As you can see, there is not any program logic of data query. I guess I'll have to read the source codes of wso2am-analytics-2.6.0. I don't think it is an efficient way.

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--- Additional content (2020/3/26) ---

I found that some strange symbols are appended to the returned Json data(shown in the screenshot below). The returned Json data is as follows: å\u0085¨ç\u0090\u0083é£\u008eå\u0090\u0091æ\u009f¥è¯¢ (admin), normal Json data should look like this: \u6f22\u5b57.

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I find a suspicious point in the source code, the details are as follows:

Github repository is "wso2 / carbon-apimgt", Java file is "org.wso2.carbon.apimgt.impl.utils.APIUtil", the method is "executeQueryOnStreamProcessor".

The key code is “String responseStr = EntityUtils.toString(entity);”. According to document of HttpClient, EntityUtils.toString() method is going to use the default character set, which is ISO-8859-1, if other character set (For instance: UTF-8) is not specified for it.

So the point is that ISO-8859-1 can not process Chinese information properly.

I hope the developers of WSO2 can notice that ASAP.