Android Studio - how to use my wifi in order to connect to internet

2020-03-27 android wifi emulation

I searched on how to get an Internet connection from my emulator in Android Studio and it was suggested I start up the emulator from the command line as follows: emulator -avd Pixel_3a_XL_API_29 -dns-server This indeed has provided an Internet connection when I do from the command line, after adb shell, then run-as com.example.myapplication, then ping this returns packets from the server "". Looking up this server, it appears to be for Amazon AWS, and is "free", up to some data limit I haven't looked up yet. This is OK short-term, but I would prefer to use my home wifi rather than go thru a different server. What's the best way to have my Android Studio emulator be able to connect to the Internet via my home wifi? (do I need a plugin?) TIA, Steve


First of all, emulator below API 25 doesn't support wifi.

Second, you can't connect the emulator directly to your WiFi.

The WiFi in the emulator provides a virtual hotspot to which the emulator automatically connects.

So, best practice would be that you connect your PC to your home WiFi and then run the emulator on your PC.