How to add res/values-sw600dp file in android studio?

2020-03-27 android android-studio resources

i have activity_main.xml file in different size of the screen

activity_main.xml(land)  --> it auto generate the file layout-land
activity_main.xml(sw600dp) ---> it auto generate the file layout-sw600dp

BUT, it did not auto-generate the values-/res/values-sw600dp and /res/values-land
how to get this two file? 


  • Right click in res folder
  • new
  • Android resource file
  • change "value to layout" from resource type
  • and click on "size" from available qualifiers
  • then you choose
  • Right-click on the Orientation for Preview [icon looks like phone rotation] as shown in the image
  • Select Create Tablet Variation
  • Click to view image